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Following the submission of briefs arguing against Trump's Immigration Ban and the White House's rebuttal to them, US Circuit Court of Appeals -- 9th District has scheduled oral arguments to be heard Tuesday, February 7, 2017, beginning at 3:00 PM PST. The arguments will be heard by phone, with each side getting 30 minutes to make their case.

Trump administration attorneys maintain Washington State does not have the legal standing to bring suit challenging the Immigration ban and that the President has broad powers over immigration under the Constitution and federal law.

Washington State, joined by Minnesota State, is suing the administration, arguing the ban harms state residents, employers and educational institutions by separating families and damaging the economy.

A lower judge ruled against the White House last Friday, issuing a nationwide restraining order immediately preventing implementation of the ban.

The White House appealed to the 9th District on Saturday evening.

If the 9th Circuit Court rules in favor of the White House and lifts the restraining order, Trump's Immigration Ban will go back into effect immediately. If it sides with Washington and Minnesota and maintains the restraining order, the White House has promised to take the case to the Supreme Court.In related News

In related news, It tuns out Seattle JudgeJames Robart, who put the Kibosh on Trump's Immigration Ban isn't a rogue jurist, after all. Instead, the 69-year old Seattle, WA federal judge Trump attacked as a "so-called judge" is considered by collegues to be a "disciplined judge's judge" who is unafraid of unpopular rulings.

In face, hos colleagues describe him as is a smart, thoughtful, even-tempered, very strict federal judge who believes in the rule of law.

Robart's earned his law degree at Georgetown University. He was a leading trial lawyer in Seattle and head of the law firm Lane Powell. While in private practice, he was admitted to the invitation-only exclusive group, the American College of Trial Lawyers. He was nominated to the court in 2003 by President George W. Bush and seated on the bench the following year.

At his nomination hearing, he was praised for his "exceptional qualifications" by Senator Orrin Hatch, R of UT.

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