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Overnight, the Washington Post broke the news that Attorney General Jeff Sessions lied during his confirmation hearing. While under oath, and in response to a question posed by Senator Al Franken, Sessions said that he had no communications with the Russians in the last year.

However, records show that Sessions had two contacts with Russians. Once, in September, during the height of Russian hacking and meddling in our election, once in July following his appearance at the Heritage Foundation event.

Sessions contacts with Russians are coming under fire because he endorsed President Trump early in his presidential bid, officially joined Trump's campaign last February, and because the Russians are known to have hacked and enabled the release of DNC's emails and otherwise meddled in our elections with the intent of having Trump and Republicans elected.

The response to Sessions  perjury has been quick. Already calling for his resignation are Congressional Democrats, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Claire McCaskill, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and ranking member of the House Oversight Committee Representative Elijah Cummings. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling a press conference today to discuss the matter. Representative Tim Ryan has also called for Sessions' resignation.

Calling for Sessions to just recuse himself from investigations into Trump and associates, contacts with Russia are Republicans, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (though an hour later, McCarthy walked the call back to "it would be easier if..."), Senator Lindsey Graham,  top Republican on the House Oversight Committee Jason Chaffetz, and Representative Raul Labrador, who added that he did not believe Sessions perjured himself and should not resign.

Sessions is the third member of Trump's team to have had known contacts with Russians at during their interference with our elections. The others are Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort, and his first National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Manafort was forced to leave the Trump campaign because of the contacts and Flynn was forced to resign..

Sessions is also Trump's fifth and highest cabinet member to have lied during confirmation preceding. The others were:

EPA Head lied about not using his personal email to conduct official government business while the Attorney General of Oklahoma. He did.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos lied about not having sat on the board of her mother's foundation when it was donating millions of dollars to anti-LGBT organizations. She was the board's Vice President.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price lied about a "sweetheart stock deal" he received from Innate Immunotherapeutics, LTD., saying every stockholder was given the same opportunity. Fewer than 20 were.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin lied about his company. OneWests Bank's, use of "robo-signed" forclosures (signed without proper review). It did.

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