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Hawaii Federal Judge Derrick K. Watson ruled today on a case brought by Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin, that Trump's revised travel ban was a thinly veiled version of his first travel ban which violated the freedom of religion clause of the Constitution.

AG Chin sucessfully argued that Trump's revised order, issued last week, still imposed a de facto religious test on travelers from the six Muslim-majority countries included.

The revised ban was to go into effect later this month. Unlike the original ban, the revised one excluded citizens of Iraq, green card and visa holders, and was to be implemented 10 days after its signing-- one minute after midnight tonight.

The revised ban still froze the granting of new visas and green cards for at least 90 days for citizens of Syria, Libya, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

Supporting Chin's argument, and those of attorneys in multiple cases across the country still waiting to be heard, were Trump's own bigoted comments against Muslims, and those of members of his administration.

Should Trump decide to appeal Judge Watson's ruling, those comments and personal communications may be ordered as evidence into the trial -- a prospect Trump and Co. seem quite frightened of.

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