River Stillwood

The Secretary of the Army has declared in a court filing final approval to grant the permit needed to complete the Dakota Access Pipeline.

This filing terminates a plan to prepare an environmental-impact statement on how the pipeline would affect land and water along its 1,170 mile route.

The easement is expected to be issued no later that Wednesday afternoon.

Jan Hasselman, an attorney with Earthjustice said the administration had no right to short-circuit the environmental-impact study started by President Obama and that it would be brought to court.

Supporters of the pipeline claim advanced pipeline technology will protect the Standing Rock Souix, their lake, Lake Oahe, the Missouri River, and everyone downstream.

From the Washington Post: “New energy infrastructure, like the Dakota Access Pipeline, is being built with the latest safeguards and technology,” said Sen. John Hoeven (R-N.D.) in a statement. “The discord we have seen regarding the Dakota Access Pipeline doesn’t serve the tribe, the company, the corps or any of the other stakeholders involved. Now, we all need to work together to ensure people and communities rebuild trust and peacefully resolve their differences.”

There have been more than 450 pipeline accidents, fires, explosions, leaks and spills in the US since Januar 1, 2000.

The Dakota Access Pipeline will carry crude oil from the shale oil fields in N. Dakota to refineries in the Midwest.

The 1,100-foot section routed under Lake Oahe is one of the final sections to be built.

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