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In a scathing editorial in today's Washington Post, Topher Spiro -- who helped develop Obama's Affordable Care Act -- writes the Republican majority House is intentionally denying Democrats access to the draft of their replacement health care plan.

House Speaker Paul Ryon said in a televisised interview, "We’re not hatching some bill in a back room and plopping it on the American people’s front door." Yet, Spiro says that is exactly what Republican are doing.

Spiro writes, "Only Republicans can see the bill text before the markup next week, and it’s only on view in a basement next to the Capitol. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) was denied entry into the room Thursday when he tried to go read the bill. Worse, Republicans plan to mark up the proposal and take a vote without having a score from the CBO   [Congressional Budget Office] —  which means no one will know what repealing the law will do to people who are covered under the ACA until after the committee votes on it."

Unlike Democrats during the development of the ACA, Republicans have held no public hearings on their plan. They do not intend to have it reviewed and edited by committee. And, they have not shared any of the details of it with Democrats -- even though the Senate vote on it is only a month away.

Spiro says Repblicans are keeping the bill hidden because every draft that's been seen so far has included deep cuts to Medicaid and much lower tax credits for private insurance, which will cause millions of people to lose their coverage.

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