The Dismantling of Amerca: Trump's Actions His First Week In Office

River Stillwood

In his first week in office, Trump has begun the dismantling of America as we know it and turning the White House into a Valhalla for Republicans.

Through executive orders, executive memoranda, and an emergency order, Trump has driven a chisel into the core of the Affordable Care Act, made it harder for women abroad, including Americans, to obtain safe abortions, raised the fees for home buyers, approved two hotly contested pipelines, laid the foundation for the US-Mexico border wall, and toughened actions against undocumented immigrants.

Here they are, one by one. (Citations follow.)

Executive Order: Providing "relief" from the Affordable Care Act: This orders the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the heads of other departments and agencies to waive or delay implementing any provisions of the ACA (Obamacare) that would impose a financial burden on any state, or a regulatory burden on any individuals.

Trump also sent an emergency order to to US lenders and real estate agents that increased the amount of money first-time home buyers and low-income borrowers must pay to get a mortgage, raising average home buyers annual costs by $446.

Executive Memorandum:  Froze all pending regulations until they are approved directly by his administration or by an agency led by Trump appointees. Only health, safety, financial, and national security regulations, as allowed by the Office of Management and Budge Director.

Executive Memorandum: Reinstated the "Mexico City" abortion policy, blocking the use of US taxpayer money to fund foreign non-governmental organizations that perform or promote abortions.

Executive Memorandum: Withdrew the US from the negotiated but not yet ratified Trans-Pacific Partnership, President Obama's flagship, albeit controversial, trade pact.

Executive Memorandum: Froze the federal workforce at current employment levels. Military personnel, executive department head are exempt, as are some positions that include national security and personal safety.

Executive Memorandum: Green-lighted and expedited the review and approval process of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) by the Army for Civil Works and the US Army corps of Engineers.

Executive Memorandum: Green-lighted the XL Pipeline and invited TransCanada to re-submit its application for a presidential permit for completion of the project, giving the Secretary of State to reach a final determination on the project within 60 days.

Executive Order: Instructed the Chairman of the White House Council on Environmental Quality to expedite and streamline the environmental review on high-priority infrastructure projects.

Executive Memorandum: Instructed the Secretary of Commerce to create a plan to use US-made materials and equipment "to the maximum extent possible"for the manufacture and repair of pipelines.

Executive Memorandum: Also instructed the Secretary of Commerce to contact stakeholders to review the impact of Federal regulations on domestic manufacturing and to create a streamlined Federal permitting process for them.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017.

Executive Order: Trump directed the Director of Homeland Security to prioritize certain undocumented immigrants for removal, hire 10,000 additional immigration officers at US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, prohibit federal funding to "sanctuary" jurisdictions, reinstate the Secure Communities program allowing state and local law enforcement act as immigration agents, sanction countries that refuse to accept the return of undocumented immigrants deported from the US, and to create an "Office for Victims of Crimes Committed by Removable Aliens" to "provide proactive, timely, adequate and professional services" to victims and their family members "of crimes committed by removable aliens."

Executive Order: Directed the Director of Homeland Security to plan, design, and construct a wall along the US-Mexico border, build and operate deportation facilities near the border, hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents, end the US "catch and release policy," to identify and quantify all "sources of direct and indirect Federal aid or assistance to the Government of Mexico on an annual basis for the past five years," and to empower state and local law enforcement to act as immigration officers -- all subject to available funding.

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