Trump Signs Anti-Immigration Executive Order

River Stillwood

Friday, 1/27/17. In an executive order signed and immediately put into effect, Trump barred for 120 days all Syrian refugees from entering the country -- even those on planes on their way here -- and banned travel into the US for 90 days citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries (Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, and Yemen ) -- even those with approved visas. However, Trump gave special exception to Christian Syrians whom Trump said were "horribly treated."

In a separate memorandum also signed Friday, Trump ordered "a great rebuilding of the armed forces" and called for new budget negotiations to buy new planes, ships, and resources for the nation's military.

Trump's anti-immigration order is already spurring lawsuits by travelers with approved visas who are now caught in limbo, US nationals with dual citizenship, and Muslims arguing that religion cannot be used to justify preferential treatment under the US Constitution. 

Like many of Trump's executive actions since his inauguration, this one appears poorly thought out, poorly vetted for legal standing, and will, with perseverance, be trampled back into the filthy swamp of bigotry and racism from which it arose. 


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