Trump Team Undermines Judicial Branch

River Stillwood

In an unprecedented move, Trump political adviser Kellyanne Conway today publicly undermined the US judicial branch, claiming the "Obama-appointed" federal judge who ruled against Trump's immigration ban, was acting politically.

This, after Trump ordered homeland security and custom officials at the nation's airports to disregard the federal judge's halt on his immigration ban, thereby placing the Executive Branch above the Judiciary Branch, and hurling the nation into a constitutional crisis. 

As the Daily Kos cogently explains, the only way fascists can retain power is in the absense of an impartial judiciary.

By suggesting the federal judge ruling was based on political ideology rather than Consititutional law, Conway hammered the first crack into the public's belief in the legitimacy of the courts.

The judiciary is our last line of defense. We cannot allow this threat to go unchallenged.

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