Trumps Signs 3 More Executive Orders, Promotes Flynn and Bannon

River Stillwood

Saturday, 1/28/17. Today Trump signed three more executive orders.

One imposes a five-year ban on the lobbying of administration officials and a lifetime prohibition on lobbying on behalf of foreign governments. President Obama signed a similar order upon arriving at the White House, only his ban was for two years.

Another, much more surprising E.O. signed by Trump today, reorganizes the National Security Council, getting rid of the the current Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chefs of Staff from the Principals Committee and installs Trumps national security and homeland security advisers, Steve Bannon (formerly of Brietbart News) and Mike Flynn (newly retired general), thereby ensuring his political appointees have meaningful roles in the policy and action decisions.

The third calls for a "comprehensive strategy" for defeating ISIS, including changing the rules of engagement and use of force, and the identification of new coalition partners, all to be ready within 30 days.

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