Trump's Supreme Court Nominee is Ultra-Conservative 'Yes Man' Neil Gorsuch

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In what many to be a GPO stolen Supreme Court seat, Trump nominated ultra-conservative Neil Gorsuch to the country's highest court. According to the New York Times, Gorsuch is, LIke Justice Scalia whom he is replacing, a "originalist" (meaning he interprets the Constitution to mean what it did at the time is was written, not as it might be understood in a modern context),

According to Salon, "Gorsuch, despite a reportedly mild-mannered temperament, is known for his anti-choice and anti-LGBT stances, pro-employer rulings in labor disputes, anti-regulatory attitudes, dismissal of scientific expertise, and pro-police bias in brutality cases..."

More frightening still, salon reported, “'During his over 10 years on the federal bench, Judge Gorsuch has proven to be a conservative ideologue who has consistently ruled against civil rights, women’s rights and workers’ rights. And he has expounded a judicial philosophy that would prevent the federal government from properly enforcing countless acts of Congress,' said Wade Henderson, president and CEO of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights. 'The president could have nominated an independent or consensus candidate for this seat, someone like Merrick Garland, whose record has proven to be unimpeachable. Instead, he chose Neil Gorsuch to be a rubber stamp and another ‘yes man’ for this administration.'”

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Salon,  "Neil Gorsuch: President Trump’s anti-choice pick for the Supreme Court
Trump and Gorsuch pledge to follow in footsteps of arch right-wing jurist Antonin Scalia" February 1, 2017. JEFFERSON MORLEY AND STEVEN ROSENFELD, ALTERNET

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