Trump /White House:

Address: 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, 20500
Telephone: (202) 456-1111 However, as Trump has the number disabled, you can reach Trump with the help of the Bernie Sanders Organization. For more info, Click here: Trump Call Workaround

Congressional Telephone Switchboard: 

202-224-3121 -- Talk with congressional staffer and/or leave voicemail for your congressional leaders, Senate and Representative.

Be sure to say 1). why you are calling and  2). what issue you are calling about. 
For example, 1). I am calling because I am furious that Trump has nominated an ultra-conservative to the Supreme Court. 2) Do NOT confirm Niel Gorsuch!


All Senator's contact information Just click the link=and select your state for the information you need.


All Representative's contact information Just click the link, enter your zip code into the site's search box, and click the red "Find Your Rep by Zip" bar.

For All Government Officials By Topic:

Click here and scroll until you find who/what you're looking for. Click on the links of the page.

State Governors:

State Governors' Contact Information  Simply select your state and click the red "GO" button.

State Legislators:

State Legislators' Contact Information Either enter your state in the top search bar or click on your state. At the top of the returned page, click "Elected Officials."